Everything that was going to go up has now gone up. If your gif never appeared then it was because it fell into one of these four categories:

80% the gif didn’t work/broken link.

10% the submission was fine but when it didn’t go up immediately you were a proper dick about it so I deleted it.

5% I fucked up and deleted it by accident.

5% what you made was so awful it made me cry a bit.

Sorry if yours didn’t make it. Feel free to resubmit, when there’s a healthy crop of new dumb Sonics in my inbox I may start the machine up again. It was pretty good for a while there wasn’t it? THNAKS

  1. doctordoomgivingspidermanhead said: truly the best blog i’ve ever seen
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    out of those categories, the ones i wish i could see are the ones that made you cry
  3. dorginator said: I applaud you good sir, for running this dumb hedgehog blog for as long as you did.
  4. matthewhutchings said: Thanks for doing this, dude. You’ve done a fantastic job collecting and pacing these things!
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    Why are you LEAVING ME?!?!?! WHY!?!?!?!
  6. koniges said: I need MOAR. Must make my own, I suppose, and submit them en masse.
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    No, thank YOU, dumbrunningsonic! Good night, sweet prince.
  8. imitationcrabmeat said: why must everything good in my life come to an end?
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